Facts about lawn mower

Lawn mower As a tool to cut and reduce the height of the grass. With a human being the one who moves The power source is the combustion engine. But today, the large mower is not just the human behind it. Because there are lawn mowers that have followed humans Which mowers have an interesting history There is a history of lawn mowers. In 1830, an engineer named Edwin, he created it. In fact, the reason for its construction was that it needed a tool that could replace the scythe, because the scythe was used to cut grass. It can be considered to be a great help in cutting grass in sports fields and large gardens. From then it developed continuously This makes the mower lighter and quieter. The lawn mower was made of cast iron. The mechanism is not complicated. Next, it uses steam as an energy source. And then it’s a gasoline engine Until it becomes the use of electricity The latest will be wireless, using battery power instead. Innovation in lawn mowers continues to evolve. Let’s get to know how many types of lawn mowers are.

1. Ride-on mower Stuck on a large engine The mower blade is directly under the car. The blades range from 30 to 48 inches.

2.Trolley mower Medium-sized engine pushed to the ground, blade size 30-48 inches.

3. Shoulder mower Has the advantage of making areas that are difficult to reach Because of the inaccessible to the lawn mower But that shoulder mower can do it.

Lawn mower

When you know the lawn mower roughly Next, let’s get to know the blade of the lawn mower.

1.Spiral spiral blade (cylinder / reel) is characterized by a blade around the axis. It is a spiral with 5-6 blades to cut the grass evenly, making the work come out smooth. Suitable for work that requires special tidiness

2. Rotary blades are available as single blades, single blades and group blades. Relying on centrifugal force and high speed If the blade is not sharp Must be sharpened Because it allows the mowing to be smoother

3. Hover mower blades are not very popular. Because it is difficult to control The engine will float while cutting, taking a lot of time, but the weight is light. Easy to move Tapered blade High speed Thus creating air pressure

Tricks about mowing

1. Use the mower to suit the area. If the area is small, you can use a powered or walk-behind mower. If the area is large, use a ride-on mower. Or if looking at the shape Some lawn mowers are suitable for a wide area. Some types can also be used for nooks and corners.

2. If the ground is not smooth Use a propeller mower and a glide is more suitable than a spinning helix.

3. Grass cutting blades should be used appropriately for the area. The more space The blade should also be wide.

4. If there is a need to mow during the rain. Or that the field is wet The first thing that should never be done is to use an electric lawn mower. There may be a danger of electric shock or electric leakage. If a lawn mower is used in the field, it will be bruised. The mower to use is a flying mower.