Choosing the right lawn mower

In the part of choosing a grass cutter There will be many details that you have to take into account, such as patterns of power consumption of the device. The blade for use with the machine The details are as follows.

1. Check the area for use. To select the appropriate energy use pattern

Lawn mower, if we will divide it by energy consumption Will be able to share 3 pictures, ie, plug-in type all the time Battery powered And using oil For the first type that has to be plugged in all the time

There is another advantage of the consistency of the lawn mower operation. That’s because Will receive electricity all the time Invigorate regularly But if it is a battery It’s going to keep falling, and the price is still much cheaper.

But even so, there are disadvantages as well, that is, if your friend’s lawn is spacious, then there is no plug. Must admit that it certainly does not work This is why battery mowers He came to play a role in this rhythm.

Because the lawn mower Will be able to work anywhere, wherever and whenever, because no plug is needed And also does not clutter your friends while cutting grass as well But there are disadvantages as well. Where the battery will be reduced until all that.

And the last type, using oil like this, will use oil to drive the engine to work.The advantage is that cutting power is clearly stronger than the first two The disadvantage is the same, that is, gasoline is more expensive than using electricity.

2. See the suitability of the work with the material of the blade.

For the blade of a lawn mower, there are usually 3 types: a type, a plastic one and a nylon rope.If your friends are highly skilled, using a metal blade is best. Because it is sharp, strong and easily cut But if not a pro, there may be a problem.

Later, a plastic blade It can be called quite okay for a beginner. To the right hand Because it is much safer than metal But the efficiency is less than metal Later, a nylon rope, my friends can use it to cut the grass very well. But will be the least sharp

Nylon will be more suitable for the general use because it is safe to cut the grass, anyone can do it. But the disadvantage is thick weed, friends may not cut it.

3. Choose the handle, style, area that friends can use.

As usual Lawn mower motor Will be on the opposite side of the blade side And the handle for use Will be in the middle of the machine This handle There will be many types, such as a U-type, a loop handle. And a two-handed handle

Both of which I said There will be differences in the aptitude of using it. Let’s talk about the first one. This type of U-shaped handle is suitable for smooth, non-steep areas.

That’s because A handle like this Will focus on the stability of the user mainly The separate handle is like a U shape to help in maintaining the balance of your body when you work. While holding a loop to be more apt And can be cut both horizontally and inclined as well

Two-hand grip There will be more variety in the area than you will be able to work in the slope area. Or there are obstacles that are comfortable because they are easy to handle, better balance the body. But it takes a lot of energy. And may also have back pain


Choosing a lawn mower is very necessary that your friends will need basic information as I have already recommended. Because if there is no information at all, your friends may get bad things to use. Not well cut grass It may also be dangerous as well.

And the article that Tanton brings to your friends today will be helpful for your friends to buy a lawn mower. Come and use it for sure, and friends probably have an answer in mind that Which brand of mower is suitable for your friends? You can decide.