5 lawn mower reviews

Lawn mower It is a necessity for having a garden area around the house, it is very good, at least we have the opportunity to take advantage of those gardens, whether it is a shady tree planting, a small vegetable and fruit growing plant. Small, make a small fish pond or even have space for family activities Which the word garden cannot be without is the grass But as these grasses grow, they need to be shortened so that they do not pose a danger, especially for lizards that may hide. Lawn mowers therefore become essential equipment in every home with a garden. Which anyone looking for Lawn mower Good quality, we will review each other to know which models and brands are worth buying.

1.SAMHW CG-260 brush cutter

SIAMHW CG-260 brush cutter

Let’s start with the top mower from the brand SIAM HW. This model is characterized by its very light weight that makes it easy to handle and use. The engine uses a single-cylinder, 2-stroke petrol engine with air-cooled or CDI, so you don’t have to worry about overheating the engine over long periods of time. Cylinder size 25 CC uses electronic CDI igniter. The starter system is operated by hand pull with built-in counter-rotating helical for high safety. The transmission power uses a centrifugal clutch operating from the automatic engine speed. The carburettor uses a U-Type handlebar diaphragm with a sleeve, ensuring that it works well, even how large the lawn is.

2.Zinsano lawn mower (4 stroke)

Zinsano Lawn Mower (4 stroke)

With the use of a 4-stroke machine, it is strong. Tough engine from gasoline system There is a sharp cam valve overhead located above the single cylinder piston. Cylinder size 35.8 CC, compression ratio is 8.0: 1, extremely fuel efficient with fuel consumption rate of just 0.71 liters / hour at 7,000 rpm, that means we can use this machine for a long time from filling. Just one time oil Use a magneto transistor ignition system, the air filter uses a semi-dry type. The cooler uses air. Start by pulling the rope. Lubrication uses oil mist. The carburetor is a diaphragm type. Disruption will cut the circuit to ground, making it absolutely safe from short circuits and also protect the environment. It is considered the most popular model of lawn mower that many houses choose to use.

3. MitsuPower MP411-PREMIUM heavy-duty 2-stroke lawn mower.

MitsuPower MP411-PREMIUM 2-stroke lawn mower

This mower is a shoulder-carrying model. Use a 2-stroke gasoline engine, 41.5 CC horsepower. Do not disturb others and can still start easily. The exterior is strong and can be used for a long time. The mower shaft is 20mm rotatable, all the shank is made of stainless steel, it is strong. Out of rust problems Use this mower, no need to bend your back to cut it, just stand and cut all kinds of grass. Every area as needed Classified as a machine that is easy to use High security Even a beginner is definitely not a problem using this mower.

4.InnTech Grass Trimmer 450 Watt Model IT-450.

InnTech 450W Grass Trimmer Model IT-450

Connected by a lawn mower from The 450-watt InnTech model is a bit special in that when mowing the lawn has to use the tendon around the motor axis. But overall considered the working system easy to understand It is not complicated or complicated and aching. The machine is very strong and durable, so you don’t have to worry about having to face minor scratches or bumps.This model is used for grazing on the edge of the yard or cutting down trees on the edge of the house fence. The whole machine works via electrical system, so it is not difficult to use. Provides 450 watts of power and a high speed of 14,000 rpm, so lightweight it can be used for a long time. Not feeling overly tired or tired

5.BLACK & DECKER 300 watt grass trimmer / cutter model GL300

BLACK & DECKER 300W Grass Trimmer / Cutter Model GL300

Finish off with a lawn mower. Small model, but the quality is not small. The power of the motor is 300 watts, although it is a small model but has a high speed of 10,000 rpm. The power cord is attached to the machine at a length of 6 meters, so it is very comfortable to use. To walk to cut how far in the house would not be a problem. The machine size can be adjusted according to the suitability of the user. (Adjusted to high or low) Overall, it is an easy-to-use lawn mower. Will be used by novice or old hand to guarantee that you will not be disappointed

A lawn mower is a must when planting grass or having a garden in the area of ​​your home, which is great as it will provide many times more happiness for your family. But when deciding to garden After planting grass, you will need to know a little bit of care for your home so that your home will look nice to look at. This model will be the best choice for any family who wants to purchase one.

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